Beaches Resorts are for Everyone!

Escape to Beaches Resorts for family fun, to connect with your Extended family, or to getaway with your friends. These resorts are a great option for everyone!

I’ve started posting about my trip to Jamaica and the Sandals resorts I stayed at and visited there. And there’s plenty more to come. (This was a great trip, so much fun, so much to share!) I think most folks have heard about Sandals Resorts. These luxury-included resorts offer all-inclusive romantic getaways for adults only. But did you know that Sandals also has resorts that offer fun for everyone? These are called Beaches Resorts.

Beaches resorts offer family friendly fun with all-inclusive luxury so everyone can getaway and have the best vacation EVER! Beaches has established several partnerships to provide a fun and safe environment for children at the resort:

  • xbox-play-loungeInternational Nanny Association has trained all Kids Kamp Team Members and Nannies to be knowledgeable about safely, nutrition and child development.
  • Sesame Workshop provides live stage shows and signature Sesame Street activities for kids of all ages with ten of Sesame Street’s favorite pals.
  • At the X-Box Play Lounge, older kids can try out new games months before they’re released to the public!



Beaches resort provides supervised care for children from newborns to 18 years of age, that will make every member of the family happy:

  • Nannies provide daycare for newborns up to 3 years old at Beaches Nursery, and are available for hire to attend to your children privately.
  • Kids Camp offers activities for all ages, broken into age groups with appropriate activities to keep everyone entertained and active.
  • Tweens and Teens have their own club, and even their own night club – no adults allowed!


Of course, at Beaches, there’s, well, beaches! There’s plenty of sand to go around, but other water activities as well.
Every Beaches resort features a water park with activities for all ages. And just like at Sandals resorts, there’s a wide array of land and water sports available.


Beaches Resorts offer a great way for families to get away from their everyday, and create fun moments that turn into wonderful memories. Most families would tell you that their Beaches vacation was their Best. Vacation. EVER! And their really, really best vacation ever was with their WHOLE family. Beaches Resorts are a great way for extended families to share time and activities together where everyone is relaxed and having a great time. What a wonderful way to create memories with grandparents, cousins and other family members.


But Beaches aren’t just for kids or families, they’re for everyone! We all like to act like kids sometimes, and there’s no better place for that, than with friends where there’s sun and sand and lots of fun things to do. When schools are in session, there’s not so many families with children traveling. This can be a great time for groups of adult friends to getaway together.

It’s such a popular idea, that Beaches offers BFF Girlfriends Getaways a couple of times each year. In addition to all the standard amenities you get with every Beaches resort vacation – 5-Star Global Dining, unlimited premium adult beverages, land and water sports – there’s special “BFF” activities and spa credits and girlfriend activities. See the Girlfriends Getaway tab for details, and contact me to book you and your BFF for this getaway!

Watch for my upcoming posts about Beaches Negril and Beaches Ocho Rios, both on the island of Jamaica. Start dreaming!

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