Why Not?

Last week we went to Yuma. Just for a couple of nights.

Upon hearing this, most people ask, Why? Why leave our desert to drive through more desert (and a lot of enormous dairy farms) to get to…. a less beautiful desert?

The truth is: we have friends who escape the cold of the north, in their RV, to a warm sunny place, usually Arizona. Often, as is the case this year, their escape includes Yuma. They’ll also spend time in other Arizona locations, until spring comes and they can return home to beautiful weather there. Winter storms made it impossible to leave Denver as scheduled, delaying their trip and making their escape that much more appreciated. But after a few days delay, they headed south to our general neck of the woods. Er, desert. We don’t get to see them very often, as they’re too far away. But they’re pretty close to us when they come to Yuma. We went to spend time with good friends.

But perhaps a better response would be, Why Not?

No, it doesn’t have the beauty of the Grand Canyon, the spirituality of Sedona, the glamour of Scottsdale or the history of Tombstone… but still, it was a fun getaway, we got to see a different corner of our state, and we spent time with good friends. How could that be anything but time well spent? And really, can a place that becomes the winter home of tens of thousands of retired northerners and Canadians, be anything but a good place to visit?

So what did we do in Yuma? Well, of course, we went to Mexico! Algodones, which is a surprisingly nice town, by border town standards. Where, like all good Americans, we bought silver trinkets, vanilla extract, Kahlua and pharmaceuticals. And thought hard about some pottery. We did not however, participate in what appears to be the main industry of the town: dental work. But if you need your teeth fixed or new eyeglasses, have I got a deal for you!!

So while there’s other more beautiful, interesting, exciting places on my “gotta go” list, it was fun to go somewhere different than our everyday location. And yes, we’ll return to Yuma, next year, when our friends return to escape the snow and cold, and get within driving distance.

Why not?algodones-lunch

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