The. Best. Soup.

Before soup season ends, gotta make one more batch! This is a fun soup, because everyone gets to make it their own, with their personal selection of garnishes. It’s a pretty simple soup to make, but it feels as special and extravagant as the Ojai Valley Inn itself.

Go Guac

Here in the southwest, guacamole is sort of a staple. But there’s guac, and then there’s Guac! Here’s Guacamole, from the Four Seasons resort in Nevis. Put it on fish, like they do. Or dip in with chips, like we do. Either way, let’s have some GUAC!!

Wine not?

I love Sonoma. Napa’s nice too, but Sonoma has that easy, comfortable, visiting-friends feel. And the wine – well, it’s as good as anywhere. This week’s recipe comes from the St. Francis winery in Sonoma. With both acclaimed wines, and acclaimed meals, it couldn’t get any better than a recipe from St. Francis. This tart…

Pop on over for a tasty treat

Dining at great restaurants is sort of our thing. We don’t buy a lot of stuff on vacation, or for birthdays and the like; our splurge is on a great meal. And those meals leave us with memories, experiences – something we just can’t have too many of. One of my favorites is the dinner…

Be Enchanted!

I love Black Bean Soup. Each recipe is subtly different, but always a delicious, hearty, healthy bowl that can be a start for a great meal, or the meal itself. Where better to get bean soup inspiration than Sedona’s Enchantment Resort? For a positively spiritual experience, cook up a batch!